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Stephen Singleton's Contributions
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Steves moon
Townley Sundial

Townley Hall in Burnley . The Townley family have historical links with science and astronomy

Steves moon


It was taken with a Canon 105mm lens (field of view about12°) set at f3.5 for 7 minutes from Pinhaw Moor near Earby which offered the best unobstructed view to the West. The photo was taken at about 9:30pm just after Easter (I can't remember the exact day but was probably Saturday 12th April) using a home made, electrically driven Scoch mount. The background stars are part of Perseus.



Steves moon
6 Planets

During one of the few clear nights in early May I managed to photograph the rare planetary alignment showing Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the same patch of sky. Just for good measure I included a sixth planet - earth! The photo was taken using a 28mm lens on Fujichrome 400 for an exposure of 15 seconds. Mercury would have been lost in the twilight with a longer exposure so I think I got it about right

Steves moon

Taken on 8th April 2010 from Loch Tummel.
Canon 400D at iso400 with 24-70 set 40mm and f2.8. Exposure was160seconds. The RAW image has been processed to enhance contrast and reduce background glow from evening twilight. A home made electrically driven curve bolt camera tracker was used.