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Our Members Galleries

Ernest Appletions Contributions
Ernie has some fine pictures of Galaxies, Hale-Bopp and Orion currently in his Galleries 


Len Entwistles Contributions
Len has some pitcutres that include an Aurora picture.

Mike Alexanders Contribution
Comets to planets.

Stephen's Contributions
Ikeya-Zeng and 6 planets. Leo

Gordons Contributions
Gordon built his own dome at home and more information and plans can be found on the projects page.


Laurence Hill's Contributions
Laurence has some pitcures taken from New Zealand in this contribution.

John Singleton's Contributions
This can also be found as a pdf on the Projects Page

Paul's Contributions
Clavius in all it's glory

Steves Contributions
M42 and IC 434

Moon, Jupter and Venus Pictures


Moon, Jupter and Venus Pictures