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Len Entwistle's Contributions
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Steves moon
14th July Noctilucent Clouds

Just a shot from mid run of the NLC display ( 14/15 July 2006 @ 22 h 11 m UT ). Minolta Dimage Z1 @ 400 ASA 4 secs exposure

Steves moon

This picture was taken on the 6/7th April 2000. It was taken using 100 ASA transparency film as this was the only film available at short notice. (400 ASA is recommended). It shows the red patch across Gemini.



This picture was taken using a driven Haig Mount. The film was black and white using a 16mm lens to supplement an undriven All Sky Camera. This lens, a Zenitar covers 1800


Venus from Cyprus

Driven 30 second exposure of Sagittarius and Scorpio from a beach side car park in Cyprus after Venus Transit 2004 ( Minolta Dimage Z1 at 400 ASA)


Iridium Flare

This is a - (minus) 8 Iridium ( Iridium 36 ) flare recorded from my location in Elland at 22 h 18 m 04 s BST on 29/04/2005 using a Minolta Dimage Z1 camera set on the head of Draco for a 30 second exposure starting at 22 h 17 m 55 secs at 400 ASA. Some cloud and vapour trails about.

Aurora 21.1.05

Auroral active band from Elland , West Yorkshire on 21/1/2005 @ 22h 39m UT with Minlolta Dimage Z1 Digital camera ( 4 seconds)











This picture is a driven shot of the Sagittarius / Scorpio region taken in Crete, 01/06/2000. It was taken using a 50mm lens @ F2.8. It was held on a driven clockwork platform, the timer was the type used to switch off and on gas Lanterns before street lights.

Comet 153P Ikeya - Zhang

Photographed on 12/4/2002 with a 135 mm Carl Zeiss Jena ( M42 ) lens . Some notes added to allow identification of field stars as the field is only 15 deg by 10 deg.


Comet 153P Ikeya - Zhang

Photographed on 12/4/2002 with a 135 mm Carl Zeiss Jena ( M42 ) lens on an Asahi Pentax . The film used was Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ASA print film and was given 1 hr processing by Jessops then straight to CD. No other processing has been carried out.

Aurora 21.1.05

Auroral homogenous band at 21 h 22 m on 21 st January 2005. Deneb and O1 , O2 Cygni are visible in the auroral glow. Minolta Dimage Z1 Digital Camera. Set at 400 ASA. 4 secs exposure
Set at 38 mm equiv (35 mm)